MoneyTO is your trusted money transfer service to Ecuador.

MoneyTO offers in Ecuador 495 convenient and secure cash pick-up locations in: Quito, Guayaquil, Cuenca, Durán, Portoviejo, Otavalo, Riobamba, Catacocha, Santacruz, Pichincha, Morona, Zamora, Puebloviejo, Quevedo, Loja, Ambato, Alamor, Bahía, Catacocha, Marcabelí, Montalvo, Puerto Bolivar, Rio Chico, San Vicente, Tulcán, Santo Domingo, Huaquillas, Ibarra, Barra, Girón, Guaranda, the total of 215 cities and towns in Ecuador.

  • The money transfers can be collected in cash in USD at the following banks:Banco Bolivariano and Delbank.
  • To find a suitable cash pick-up location, click here.
  • You can send money directly to bank account.
  • The fee is from £3.
  • Delivery is nearly instant.
  • MoneyTO Limited is the official partner of Banco Bolivariano and Delbank.