04-08-2017 16:48

August is a month celebrated with two national holidays in Moldova. Sending money home can sometimes be costly, but with Moneyto special offer this period, customers will be able to send a special gift to loved ones with ease. That’s why we are launching a promotion for online transfers from United Kingdom to Moldova.

Until 4th September 2017, the cost for transfers in euro or dollars will be 0,49% of the transfer amount with a special exchange rate. Thanks to an improved exchange rate of pounds in euros, you can save up to €7*.

Using our online services on our website with any VISA/MasterCard means relatives can instantly pick it up in cash in more than 700 payment locations across 55 cities in Moldova. Transfers can be received in euros or US dollars, however the transfer cannot exceed £5000.

Registration is simply for new customers and Moneyto offer customer service in different languages. A comprehensive consultation is available by phone, email or on our official Facebook page Moneyto.

*The calculation is made on 04.08.2017