15-01-2018 19:46

Event winners received €100 discount certificates for their next money transfer.

Everyone who sent €100 or more via Moneyto.co.uk to Russia, Moldova, Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia or Uzbekistan between December 11 and 31, 2017 had a chance to win.

The winners were Oksana Starovoitova (UK), Serghei Chijov (UK) and Alla Menshchikova (France).

Alla Menshchikova says, “Every expat sooner or later needs to figure out the best way to send money abroad. I was looking for a reliable service for a while and read quite a few online reviews. Somewhere someone suggested trying Moneyto. From their website, I learned they were a partner of Unistream, and I think this was the deciding factor in my decision to choose Moneyto to send money. Winning did not even cross my mind when I was sending money to Russia. So I couldn’t believe it first when I heard that I won the New Year’s Event. Even though I started using Moneyto recently, I have already had a chance to see they are reliable and quick. I will certainly keep using them in future, and will use my award as a gift to my parents in Russia.”

“I’ve been sending money via Moneyto for about six months so far. I was trying to find a reliable way of sending money to Moldova when my friends recommended trying Moneyto. I gave it a try and liked them, so now I only use Moneyto to send money. It’s quick and simple, I can use any card I want, and now I can also send lei. Winning in this event was a pleasant surprise. I’m very happy that I won and I would like to thank Moneyto for this present,” says the second winner Serghei Chijov.

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