Now it’s easier than ever to send money to Uzbekistan with MoneyTO!

  • Online money transfers in 3 minutes – MoneyTO allows to make international money transfers from any device with access to the Internet, anytime you want.
  • Secure instant transfer with any bank card - Visa / Mastercard.
  • Cash pickup in more than 1100 payout locations across Uzbekistan.
  • Currency remittances - dollars, euros, soms.
  • Transfer fee from 0.49%, minimum 1€/£, live currency and foreign exchange rates.
  • Cash pickup is available to the recipient immediately after sending money.

MoneyTO - online remittance service guarantees fast money transfers, reliability and security of service. Our service is also the cheapest way to send money home!

The recipient can easily collect the money remitted in cash at the largest banks of Uzbekistan: Aloqabank, Agrobank, Universabank, Turon Bank, Micro, MIcrocreditbank, Hamkor Bank, Ipoteka Bank, TrastBank, Kapitalbank, Asaka Bank, Xalq Bank, Ipak Yuli Bank, Invest Finance Bank.

The recipient can pick up the transfer immediately after you complete the transaction at any payout location by showing their passport and stating the transaction number, amount, currency and full name of the sender.

If you have any questions, please call or email us! Our operators will advise you on all issues relating to the service.