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Why choose MoneyTO for money transfers to Portugal

Safety and reliability
Safety and reliability
We are registered in England and Wales as an authorised payment institution. We guarantee that all of your money will make it safely to your family and friends
Zero fee for your first two money transfers with MoneyTO
Fast processing and delivery
Fast processing and delivery
You can set up your first money transfer with MoneyTO within minutes
Customer service
Customer service
MoneyTO offers global 24/7 multi-language customer support
Convenient location
Convenient location
Your family and friends can pick up your MoneyTO transfer from over 100.000 pay-out locations globally
Сheck the status of your transfer
Сheck the status of your transfer
You can easily track your money transfer via the MoneyTO mobile app or on a web browser

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MoneyTO is your trusted money transfer service to Portugal

MoneyTO offers in Portugal convenient and secure service in: Lisbon, Porto, Amadora, Braga, Setúbal, Coimbra, Queluz, Funchal, Cacém, Vila Nova de Gaia and other cities and towns in Portugal. The money transfers can be received on a bank account at the following banks: Novo Banco, Banco Activobank, Banco Bai Europa, Banco Bic Portugues, Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria (Portugal), Banco BNP Paribas Personal Finance, Banco BPI, Banco Cofidis, Banco Comercial Portugues, Banco Credibom, Banco CTT, Banco de Investimento Global, Banco de Investimento Imobiliario, Banco Efisa, Banco Finantia, Banco Invest, Banco L.J. Carregosa, Banco Madesant - Sociedade Unipessoal, Banco Popular Portugal, Banco Portugues de Gestao, Banco Português de Investimento, Banco Primus, Banco Privado Atlântico - Europa, Banco Santander Consumer Portugal, Banco Santander Totta, Banif - Banco de Investimento, Banif - Banco Internacional Do Funchal , Best - Banco Electronico de Servico Total, Banco de Negócios Internacional (Europa), Caixa - Banco de Investimento , Caixa Geral de Depósitos, Haitong Bank, Montepio Investimento, Novo Banco dos Açores.

  • You can send money directly to VISA or Mastercard, issued by Portuguese banks.
  • You can send money to any bank account in Portugal.
  • The fee is from £0.99.
  • Delivery is 1-3 working days.
  • To find a suitable cash pick-up location,  click here.
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You’re done! You can now easily track your money transfer through the MoneyTO mobile app or on a web browser.

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